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    5 Tips How to Kite Better Upwind

    Yes, jumping high and doing technical tricks is stunning, but majority of kiters is happy if they can cruise only and ride upwind without any problem. Here are our 5 hot tips, how to improve your upwind riding!   Take bigger board When wind is lower and is harder to go upwind, majority of kiters...
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    Why did Alby Rondina opened his own kite school?

    After 12 years of competing, traveling and enjoying life with kiteboarding. I felt the urge to give something back, share this passion with other people. I had this dream with my friend Riki for some time now but waiting for the perfect opportunity, where I was 100% sure that what I will deliver to my...
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    About Lo Stagnone

    Never heard about Lo Stagnone, upcoming kite spot in Sicily?! Then read on… Lo Stagnone is one of the Europe’s most upcoming kite destinations and there are more then few reasons for it! Here are few of them: Wind conditions: There is no season in Sicily! Wind is blowing all year long! The most reliable...
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    5 spots in Lo Stagnone you haven’t seen

    Did you know that Lo Stagnone offers more than can be seen on the first sight from the beach? Here is our pick of 5 favorite spots, brought to you by local kite center ProKite Alby Rondina. 1. Salina wall at Isola Grande (north-west, west wind) On the top of our favorite spots list is...