Learning kitesurfing was never easier and safer.

Thanks to the natural reservation, you have huge unspoiled lagoon Lo Stagnone with shallow and flat water all across at your disposal. There are no boats, traffic, swimmers so nothings stands in your way for progression and fun.

We provide 1 on 1 lessons with professional licensed instructors. We teach in safe shallow water area in the lagoon with professional equipment from Cabrinha Kites and radio communication. Equipment is included and insured.

Here are three reasons, why we are so sure of these claims:

  1. Spacious shallow and flat water makes your kitesurfing lessons fast and highly efficient.
  2. Our instructors are certified professionals and to keep in contact with you we use modern radio system by Motorola.
  3. We will teach you on new Cabrinha equipment, current leader on kite market.


Courses for all levels; from complete beginners to advanced freestyle lesson
Courses with max 2 students per instructor.
All the courses include the equipment insurance
The price includes all the necessary accessories (neoprene wetsuit, harness and helmet)


Beginner Lessons are for complete newcomers into this amazing sport, we will teach the basic theory about equipment and kite control. After theory lesson we will take students to the water for the body drag, following with the water start! After those steps we will teach students how to ride upwind, turn and become independent on the water. Learning process usually takes 6-10 hours.

Freestyle Lessons are for all level kitesurfers who want to further improve their skills. Weather it is basic upwind / downwind turn, unhooked / hooked trick or simple jump, our professional instructors are ready to help. Video coaching available upon request.

Beginner lessons 2 hr150€private course 1 student 1 instructor
Beginner Kitecourse 6 hr 0 level380€private course 1 student 1 instructor
Advance Kitecourse 6 hr (from Body drag-waterstart level)380€private course 1 student 1 instructor
Extra 2 hr140€after 6 hr kitecourse ON THE SAME HOLIDAY
Semi-Private lessons 6 hr320€price per person with 1 instructor 2 students
Freestyle lessons 2 hr150€private course 1 student 1 instructor