ProKite Alby Rondina changes material each 8-12 months, so the material is always new and in perfect conditions.
You will have all the latest Cabrinha Wing materials, Wings, Boards and Foils together with Wing accessories from Dakine.


2 Options:
  •  Open Rental: valid for 2 weeks, where customers can choose their rental days but gear has to be returned every day.
  •  Consecutive Rental: customers can keep the gear and return it on the expiry day of the chosen package.

ProKite Alby Rondina offers new Cabrinha equipment, which is regularly changed every year.

OPEN RENTAL (Not-refundable) - Rental is valid for 2 weeks, in which customers can choose their paid rental days.

Customers with Complete Rental (1 Wing, 1 Board, 1 Foil) can change size of their equipment any time during the day.

(Wing+Board+Foil+Lifevest+Helmet) Beach Use is included on full equipment Rental, NOT-REFUNDABLE
Price - Full equipment 100€200€270€360€440€516€602€
WING only 40€80€108€140€172€200€229€
Foil only 45€90€243€158€193€226€258€
Board only 45€90€243€158€193€226€258€

Wetsuite not included in the prices.

Equipment insurance is NOT included in the price. Customer can choose 1 of this 2 packages below when rent the equipment:

- OPEN RENTAL where the Rental is valid 2 weeks, in which customers can choose their Rental Days

- CONSECUTIVE RENTAL and the customer can keep the WING material and return it on the expiry date of the chosen package.