When the wind drops down, there is no better activity then cruising our lagoon on SUP, visit the island on just cruise the lagoon.

There is nothing better than a day spent chilling in island Favignana! Get there by ferry from Trapany or rent a small boat at San Theodoro.

Want to go wild? Visit Marsala or Trapani during the weekend nights!

Wind or no wind, water or no water, we want you to have FUN! You can visit Erice,m historic town on the mountain or island Mozia with roman ruins.

Sicily offers amazing wonders worth to see. You can visit nearby mountain Erice, island Favignana or travel to Palermo, or history marvels of Siracuss.

Wind or no wind, we will get you on board! You can go wakeboarding behind the boat close to Palermo or visit cable park SUNISLAND in Catania.

Enjoy wonderful hiking in beautiful natural reservation Zingaro or go chill on nearby beach San Vito Lo Capo.